Toronto Boat Show 2021 Covid-19 Strategy.

Posted on September 10th, 2020

Highlights of Revised Toronto Boat show 2021 Plan based on Covid-19 restrictions..

  • The Toronto Boat Show will provide rapid testing, outside the point of entry and prior to entering the show, to all attendees, exhibitors and suppliers.
  • Approved test technicians/nurses to administer the daily tests (pending approval by Health Canada and Ministry of Health in Ontario for saliva swipe or finger prick test kits), based on developments for rapid testing with results in 15 minutes. Similar to pregnancy tests, which are in production by several companies and approved in other countries.
  • Rapid testing would be included in attendee admission fees, and required to attend the show
  • Re-assurance that all at the show will be safe, creating a Daily Bubble.
  • Negative test results can enter the Show.
  • If anyone tests positive, there will be a re-direct protocol to public health in a designated room outside of the show floor, and they will not be permitted to enter.
  • The Toronto Boat Show is in a position to demonstrate a solution to resuming in person business events, and to help protect the public. We are willing to go above and beyond to be partners with the government and lead the way in reviving the economy.
  • The virus is not going away. We have a plan that can deliver a model that will provide long-term economic and mental health benefits by helping resume public gatherings of people and businesses.
  • As we are proposing to be the 1st event to test every person upon entry, we want to ensure all safety protocols exceed the expectations of attendees, exhibitors and the provincial/municipal governments
  • Therefore some of the COVID safety protocols will remain in the plan, in order to increase pubic comfort for attending an event that prioritizes their safety
  • There will be wider aisles in certain areas of the show, in order to maintain physical distancing practices consistent with retail locations (shopping malls, big box stores, grocery stores).
  • While we don’t feel wider aisles would be necessary if we are providing a COVID free event, we want to do the right thing and maintain consistent practices that are important to the public and government in the Re-opening plans across Ontario.
  • Enhanced cleaning in general show areas to elevate comfort of attendees and workers.
  • Show and Exhibitor décor/carpet are expected to be maintained within the plan.
  • Face Masks/Coverings will be Optional.
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