Top artificials for early spring Steelhead.

Posted on April 4th, 2017

Early spring steelhead fishing can be “boom” or “bust”. So much depends on water levels and clarity as factors for finding and making steelhead strike. While most anglers start by drifting roe bags, imitation eggs, soft plastic eggs and small worms, flies and jigs, many also do well changing it up to casting artificial wobbling or spinning lures.


Matt Cory of TopSet Sportfishing sent us a few images of some nice spring steelhead they caught fishing southern Ontario tributaries. Even when steelhead start to shy away from hitting the drift-baits, especially males can be made to strike artificial lures.


Among my favorite are the Luhr Jensen KwikFish in sizes #5 & #7 and especially spinners.


The Vibrax #2 & #3 spinner “slow-rolled” near the bottom at 45-degrees to the current can produce violent strikes when drift-baits stop producing, especially in the middle of the day when the sun can be bright and steelhead less active. Next time you head out, make sure to pack a light-action spinning rod along with your drift-rod and just a small selection of Kwikfish & Spinners, that way you’ll have all bases covered!



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