TOKS Gaining Momentum With Online Carpers!

Posted on January 7th, 2010
International competition you can win with catches from your local water…
Although competition is nothing new, only recently has competitive carp angling blossomed into its own.

Claiming to be the Worlds Largest FREE Online Carp Fishing competition and growing increasingly popular is the TOKS Big Four International.This new style of online competitive carp fishing has grabbed the attention of carp anglers around the world and has also caught the eye of several bait, tackle and equipment companies as well.

CC Moore, Sonik Sports, Specialist Tackle, Concept For You, Carpworld and Carpology are just a few of the companies showing their support of the TOKS Big Four International. In all, there’s more than 30 Sponsors involved which has raised the annual prize table to $50,000 / €34,000 EUR.

TOKS Big Four International Founder, Ken Keene says: “Whilst 2009 proved to be a huge success, we anticipate 2010 will be even bigger. Because of our proven credibility, more media groups, tackle and bait manufacturers, distributors and retail stores within the carp angling industry are expressing a deep interest in the TOKS Big Four International.”

“Win Prizes and Gain International Recognition”, is a slogan found on the TOKS Big Four International website – www.BigFourCarp.com  .

Sounds great!! But, what’s even better is that anglers can JOIN FOR FREE. Also, there’s no entry fee, no monthly subscription fee, no peg draws, no outrageous traveling costs and the headaches to go along with it.

Carp anglers around the world can compete independently on their favourite venues, whilst fishing on their time, anytime of the year and compare their progress with the rest of the world. It’s SO CONVENIENT and SO MUCH FUN.

Ken Keene

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