Thin Fin for shallow Bass.

Posted on June 27th, 2016

Fishing for smallmouth in shallow water this summer I discovered a lure that has been around for a while and used mostly by Quebec walleye anglers in the St. Lawrance River system, that is also an excellent bass lure.

057A7085 alewife

It’s the Storm Thin Fin. This lure is very light and thin. It looks very much like an alewife that is common in the Great Lakes Lakes and predated on by virtually all gamefish species.


It has a natural swiming action, but if you use a stop-and-go presentation, it swims through the water and than pauses and starts to rise. I found this method very effective for fishing bass in less than 7′ of either open-water, or over weeds.

Clip0019_16363403 smallie_thinfin

The hooks are nickel-plated and very sharp and sturdy. Bass really “smash” this bait when you cast and retrieve it. If you love to bass fish in shallow water, its definitely worth adding to your arsenal!

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