The “pinning” advantage for tributary steelhead.

Posted on March 28th, 2018

Dedicated steelheaders how that successful steelheading has much to do with timing and attention to detail.  Consistently intercepting fish that are on their way up or down stream takes experience. If the timing is right, then it’s a matter of making sure you have the right set-up, especially for drift fishing with a float.


There’s a few reasons why many accomplished steelheaders fish a center-pin drift outfit. The first is that is can deliver a drifting presentation at current speed which makes for the most natural presentation. Secondly, anglers can make very accurate casts even in tight quarters by stopping the reel with a finger (much like stopping the spool on a baitcaster to hit a target). Thirdly, it gives the angler an unbelievable fast hook-set. All he has to do is clamp down on the rim-spool, lift the rod up and the fish is on. When a fish is hooked, palming the spool with a finger or your hand to provide the drag gives you total fighting control.

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