The “other” tasty panfish.

Posted on October 11th, 2018

Some of my favorite fish to eat from freshwater are definitely panfish. I love to catch and enjoy all panfish, but there is one that is very tasty, can grow to over a pound but few anglers target or catch.

jeff wood white perch

I am talking about the lowly White Perch that often gets a bad-rap and gets confused with a White Bass.  White perch lack the stripes running down both sides of their body, they are not as silvery as the White Bass and they have a blue coloration under their lower jaw.

white perch catch

They are also schooling fish and if you can a couple you can bet there is more around and usually feed in mixed age classes. That means that if you catch come smaller ones chances are good that you’ll catch some whoppers! On a recent trip with good friend Jeff Wood we fished worm harnesses along the bottom for Lake Ontario White Perch. We probably caught over 30 fish and kept 20 of the larger ones to eat.

fired perch

Instead of filleting them I scaled them, removed the dorsal & anal fin, cut the head off and gutted them and deep fried them whole. They turned out great and 2-3 fish is definitely a meal for one person.

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