The lady gets the big Grouper!

Posted on April 25th, 2017

I was just fishing the Gulf of Mexico off Florida’s west coast for trophy Grouper with my wife Barbara and out good Thai friend Lek Durr. Smaller grouper can be caught almost anywhere in the Gulf, but larger groupers usually live and feed in deeper water. On this day we decided to look for new grouper fishing grounds and were about 25 miles off-shore fishing in 85′ water.


After trying many spots with no success, we found a hump surrounded by deeper water and as soon as we dropped our lines down all three off us hooked up on big groupers. That deep, all three lines got tangled by the fighting grouper and when the lines were untangled my wife Barbara was the only one to land her fish. To tempt big grouper we use either whole squid, or large chunks of Squirrelfish cut-bait always fished near the bottom with a 4-6 oz. egg-sinker. In most cases when the grouper are biting, the tide is moving and most of the time I am constantly on the 115 hp. Yamaha working it in and out of gear to keep our lines as straight as possible and close to the bottom.

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