Terrace, BC fishing update.

Posted on September 19th, 2011

[nggallery id=593]Noel Gyger reports.  Skeena River: The whole river is in good shape. Go get em! Reg: all wild Steelhead everywhere in British Columbia are catch and release. Good chance to catch both Steelhead and Coho (Silver) Salmon on the same day.




Kalum River: The river has dropped an cleaned up over the last few days. Both upper and lower ends are in good enough shape to fish…although not perfect. Coho and Steelhead are coming in now!




Lakelse River: The water is dropping and very clean. Coho are coming in now but NOT in huge numbers. This is “prime-time” for Coho but the fish just are not there in any good numbers. Pinks are in good numbers and most are spawning everywhere. The Bears and the Birds are having a feast.




Zymoetz (Copper) River: Water is clean. Go get em! Last year we had a record run of Steelhead, lets hope at least we have another good run this year. The fly rods work extremely well in this river.




Kitimat River:  Fishing for Coho is very slow. Not too many new fish. Most fish are way up river now.




Kasiks River: Water clean but very high. I fished the mouth, no current and no Coho. Sagged a few old Pinks. Coho are coming in now and run up river quickly with the recent high water. Most would be holding in the lower end under trees and in deep pools. Jigs and lure work well. Where: Early in the Coho season try fishing the pool right below the highway 16 bridge. Tip: don’t fish for them unless you see them rolling. This is the first river to go out of shape from rain but is the first river to come back into shape once the rain stops. Sometimes, when the rain stops you can see the river cleaning right in front of you.




Exchamsiks River: Water dirty but cleaning fast. Should be OK in a day or two-three. Coho are coming in now. Tip: don’t fish for them unless you see them rolling. Jigs and Lures works well most of the time. This river is closed for Chinook (King) Salmon above the highway 16 bridge. Tip: Below the highway bridge can be a good spot to fish for Coho.




Exstew River: Water totally dirty. Coho are coming in now. How to: This is one of the best rivers in the world to fly fish for Coho…but first conditions must be perfect. This rivers is usually colored up and fishing is not that good. Timing is everything. This river is closed for Chinook (King) Salmon above the highway 16 bridge.




Douglas Channel: NOTICE: DFO closes recreational halibut fishery as of Sept. 5.The outer waters (clean water) of the Douglas Channel continue to produce outstanding numbers of Salmon, Bottom Fish and Crab. Many of the boaters that are going out with 4 anglers on over night trips are returning with their 2 day limit of 32 Coho.




Lakes – Smithers: Lake fishing in the area is still very good. Fishing for rainbow trout and lake trout has been very productive.




Morice River: The Morice is in excellent shape. It has been a busy place over the last few days. We have had reports of some Steelhead being caught.




Bulkley River: The Bulkley is still high for this time of year but it is fishing good. The river is great shape above the Telkwa. It is “greening” up below the Telkwa. Some Steelhead being caught through out.




Kispiox River: The water level is coming down on the Kispiox. What an ugly week it was last week. It is now fishing again….. We have had reports of some Steelhead being caught on Sunday




Babine River: Water levels on the Babine are still high.




Babine Lake: Babine Lake is still producing lots of fish. The limit has been increased to 4 fish on the lake.






If you would like to book a guided fishing trip with Noel, you can contact him at,  noel@noelgyger.ca .


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