Terrace, BC fishing update.

Posted on July 28th, 2011

Weather cloudy with light rain. River levels continue to drop. Fishing conditions, right now, are near perfect! So get out there and try your luck. There should be good numbers of Chinook (King) Salmon migrating up river to spawn in their native waters. The fishing guides report excellent catches of Chinook and Sockeye. Mind you, my guides really know their stuff.  One guide even reported a very bright Steelhead landed.  The Steelhead had lots of sea lice which indicate the fish was not long out of salt water. They were so anxious to get the fish back into the water and released they forgot to take a pic. Reg: all wild Steelhead everywhere in British Columbia are catch and release. Forecast: The Chinook run, so far, is a little smaller than last years.  See graph below.  There are lots of jet boats in town to fish. The boat ramps are filling up. Govt. launch is mostly full, the one across the Kalum River has space. Fact: this is the west week to be on the Skeena fishing for BIG Chinook. How to: back bouncing from a jet boat is by far the best way to get a hook up. How to: This is a good river to float fish a Pink Worm or Gooey Bob.  I suggest the fishing rod be a 10’6” MED-HEAVY Moderate Action rod matched with a medium-heavy action baitcasting reel filled with 20lb test Sufix mono.  Gibbs  makes some great floats. Be sure to use a Gamakatsu hook. Where: Anglers have started to fish a local spot called “Cottonwoods”.  Sockeye fishing has begun. Where: There are anglers fishing at Ferry Island. Sockeye is the main target but some of the plunkers are hoping for a big Chinook or even a small “Jack” Spring.  All the fish will be bright silver so get out there and try your luck. More and more people are coming to our area to enjoy this fishery. News: The Sockeye run on the Skeena is predicted to be low this year but chart below shows a little above average run has come-in so far. Reg: Sockeye limit: 2 per day. 0 per day from a boundary sign on the north bank of the Skeena River 100m upstream of the confluence with the Kitwanga River downstream to Mill Creek.

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If you would like to book a guided fishing trip with Noel, you can contact him at, www.noelgyger.ca .

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