Terrace, BC Fishing Update.

Posted on January 23rd, 2011

Noel Gyger reports.  The weather has warmed up and we are back to near normal day tim temperatures of around zero degrees C…just right for winter Steelheading. We’ve had lots of snow so walking the trails to your favourite pool is going to be a little tougher now. The Skeena River is in good shape but full of ice flows and frozen over in spots. Be very careful walking on the ice ledges! There may be some Steelhead wintering overin some locations. The Trout and Dolly Varden Char are available year round. The Kalum River is low and in good shape and fishing for Steelhead is good.  The Zymoetz (Copper) River is in poor shape with lots of ice flows and ice ledges. If you can find open water the Steelhead fishing should be pretty good. The upper section closed for fishing on January 1st. The Lakelse River is in good shape and fishing for Steelhead and Trout should be Ok now since the weather warmed up. Lake ice fishing has startedand the fishing is good. Beware of thin ice! See a report from Ross Lake below.Kitimat River: We received an unbelievable amount of snow last weekend and many anglers in Kitimat were busy shoveling their driveways. It seemed that we were shoveling around the clock. With all the snow that we received caused access to the Kitimat River to be limited. When the snow finally stopped it was followed by rain which made shoveling even worse. Snow + Rain = Slush. Slush is the worst conditions in my opinion. It makes driving dangerous, walking in it ugly and fishing in it is a pain. Consequently, due to the weather the only thing to report on the Kitimat River was there was nothing going on. Douglas Channel; The Resident Salt Water Anglers were in the same boat as the Freshwater Anglers. They were busy shoveling their driveways and coping with the snow and then the slush. The additional issue of a huge snow fall followed by rain is that the rain saturates the snow and the snow load on boats has to been addressed for obvious reasons. There was no fishing activity on the water this week due to the weather. This is one of the few times when there was no fishing goinon in either the Kitimat River or the Douglas Channel. Such is life in the North West. Prince Rupert has fantastic Winter Chinook fishing, weather depending.

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If you would like to book a guided fishing trip with Noel, you can contact him at, www.noelgyger.ca .

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