Terrace, BC fishing report.

Posted on October 8th, 2012

Terrace, BC fishing report.

[nggallery id=801]Noel Gyger reports. Coho (Silver), Chum (Dog), Pink (Humpy) and Sockeye (Red) salmon are the target fish now. In addition to salmon, Trout (Cutthroat and Rainbow) and Dolly Varden Char are always available in the rivers, streams and lakes. Summer-run Steelhead are in the Skeena River and fishing for them is excellent! Coho are in the river also. Weather is good. Check out the size of the Steelhead and Salmon runs in the Skeena River Tyee Test Fishery section.

Skeena River: The water is low and in perfect shape. I have fantastic reports from happy anglers who are catching lots of Steelhead, Coho and Pinks. NOTICE: Chinook closed today August 7 from Lakelse River mouth upstream to the Skeena River Overpass (New Hwy Bridge) at Ferry Island. Summer run Steelhead, Sockeye, Coho and Pinks are in the river now. Fly fishermen at Ferry Island in Terrace are still hooking a few Sockeye. Most of the run has gone through.

Kalum River: Both the lower and upper sections are in good shape. Chinook closed August 7th for the whole river. Steelhead should start coming in soon and even the odd Coho. This river seems to have all three runs of Steelhead, spring, summer and fall. The fall run, from my experience, is the largest. So if you are coming to the Kalum to fish for Steelhead I would suggest the fall, starting mid September to end of October. The fishing guides can guide now until November 1st. If you are interested to book a trip contact me anytime. Guides and rod-days are very limited on this river so book soon. Warning: Jet boater be very cautious as a few new channels on the lower end have formed and logs are nearly across the river.

Lakelse River: I have a report a few Coho were caught off the Lakelse River Bridge and at the mouth. Tip: If they other rivers are dirty this is the place to come to. As long as the Lake remains clean the river will be OK. Apparently lots of Sockeye and Pinks are in the river now but most are a long way upstream.

Zymoetz (Copper) River: Water came up but is still fishable. Summer-run Steelhead are coming in. I have reports of some pretty good catches, especially on a skating dry fly. There is a big run of Steelhead in the Skeena now and maybe quite a few of them are heading for the Copper. Facts: Last year we had a record run of Steelhead, lets hope we have good run this year. Tip: check the Tyee Test Fishery charts and see the numbers for Steelhead, they look real good.

Exchamsiks River: Coho coming soon starting in the lower end. The Coho will be holding up against the rocky walls in the deepest pools waiting for high water to shoot up. They will also be holding around trees and stumps. Tip: Try casting jigs to these spots.

Kasiks River: Coho coming soon starting in the lower end. The Coho will be holding up against the rocky walls in the deepest pools waiting for high water to shoot up.

Kitimat River: Many anglers fished the Kitimat River this Labour Weekend with the hopes of catching the $1000.00 Coho. It was a fun derby with 500 participants this year. A huge Thank You to Trish Parsons and Rosemary Brady from the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce for organizing one of the the best Derbies in the history of the this event. Our Tackle business and I have been involved in this Derby since 1986. The Derby had been organised by a committee in the past but this year, Trish and Rosemary took on the challenge themselves. Due to Trish and Rosemary’s exceptional organising skills and dedication to this event, this year’s Derby was a huge success. Well done Trish and Rosemary! Congratulations to you and the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce for an awesome event. Thank you. Ron Wakita

Douglas Channel: I had the pleasure of fishing with my daughters, Julie and Michelle and my son, Corey in the Douglas Channel.. This was day one of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Fish Derby. This weekend is an annual event for my family and is always very special to me no matter what ends up in the cooler. We were going to fish for Coho in the Kitimat Harbour but current info revealed that fishing in the harbour would not be productive. We decided at the last minute to go crabbing, jig for Halibut and then troll in the harbour on the way in. We caught a pile of Crab and Corey caught a 20lb Halibut. This Halibut was not the Derby winner but was big enough to make Corey very happy especially since his sisters didn’t boat one.

Summary: The Kitimat Harbour fishery never really evolved this season as it has in previous years. The strong showing of early Coho in the Kitimat River verifies that most of the early Coho did not hold in the Kitimat Harbour as they normally do and migrated into the river.

Many of the Coho Hot spots are now showing very sporadic catch rates as most of the Coho are heading to their spawning rivers. Boaters who are finding any Coho schooled up are advised to stay on them because they are on the move.

Halibut continues to be the shining light in the Douglas Channel fishery. The Fish Gods have been very generous with Halibut and has created some wonderful smiles and memorable moments for many Saltwater anglers. Anglers are reminded that Halibut closes on Sept 9th midnight. .

Worthy of note is the 66lb Halibut caught by Sam Avila which won him $1000.00 cash prize in the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby. This was not the biggest Halibut caught by Sam this year as he boated a 120lb Halibut earlier in the season. The most notable footnote to this Halibut was that it was caught because Sam listened to the advise of his wife, Maria who wanted to stay a little longer. The morale of this story is that “good things can happen if you listen to your wife”. 🙂

Bulkley River: The Bulkley River is in awesome shape! Coho are being caught at Trout Creek, Moricetown & Anderson Flats areas…. Coho fishing seems to be best early morning! Steelheading has been awesome for most people this past week.

Morice River: River is in great shape. Steelhead have been caught this past week in the Morice.

Kispiox River: The Kispiox is very low and clear, very clear… What a change from just a few weeks ago…. Fishing for steelhead was ok at the beginning of last week. Not so good over the weekend. We need some rain to bring some fresh fish in??? Coho fishing is still ok higher up…

Babine River and Lake Fishing: Smithers area Lakes and Rivers: Sockeye retention on Babine River is now over. Steelhead are on their way…. Water conditions are ideal at this time. Sockeye retention on the lake goes until September 15.

Prince Rupert: Good fishing for Salmon and Bottom Fish…plus good crabbing

If you would like to book a guided fishing trip with Noel, you can contact him at, www.noelgyger.ca .

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