Terrace, BC & area fishing update.

Posted on July 30th, 2012

[nggallery id=757]Noel Gyger reports. Chinook (King), Chum (Dog), Pink (Humpy) and Sockeye (Red) salmon are the target fish now. In addition to salmon, Trout (Cutthroat and Rainbow) and Dolly Varden Char are always available in the rivers, streams and lakes. The summer-run Steelhead and Coho (Silver) salmon are coming soon. Weather predicted to be good with moderate temperatures for the next week so lets all get out there and fish.

Skeena River: Water is in fair shape and lots of anglers are heading out to try their luck. Sockeye fishing is good. My son-in-law Dennis and his friend Ray did very well fly fishing for Sockeye. Rumor has it DFO may increase the daily limit. The run is well above average. See the Sockeye chart below. Summer run Steelhead are in the river now. Coho and Pinks coming soon. Fly fishermen at Ferry Island in Terrace are hooking fresh Sockeye. Tip: In addition to fishing the main stem Skeena for Chinook you could try fishing for them at the tributary mouths.

Kalum River: Both the lower and upper sections are high but in fair shape. The Chinook bite is on. I have reports of some big fresh Chinook landed. When the main stem Skeena is dirty boaters and anglers fish at the mouth of the Kalum where it dumps into the Skeena. This spot is known as the “hog line”. Summer-run Steelhead will be entering the river soon. Warning: Jet boater be very cautious as a few new channels have formed and logs are nearly across the river. The upper end is closed to fishing Chinook. The river record is 86-pounds.

Lakelse River: People are catching Chinook of off the Lakelse River Bridge. My best friend Lester Bryant says the best fishing for Chinook is when the cotton wood fly…and guess what the cotton is flying. Joking, he used to say the bridge should be restricted to children under 6 and adults over 65. Can be a good place to camp.

Zymoetz (Copper) River: Water is too dirty to fish. Facts: Last year we had a record run of Steelhead, lets hope at least we have another good run this year. The fly rods work extremely well in this river.

Exchamsiks: It is closed to fishing for Chinook above the highway 16 bridge but you can still fish for them below the highway bridge, that is if the water is clean.

Kitimat River: Water is in good shape. Chinook, Chum and Pink are the target fish now. Float boaters be cautious, see danger notice below. Update: two drifts rolled over in a log jam yesterday July 21st, luckily no lives were lost. And apparently nobody was wearing life jackets. They are very, very lucky to have survived this.

Smithers area Lakes and Rivers:

Bulkley River: Water is high and dirty. We have not seen anyone fishing yet. Springs are in the Bulkley…. Are they zooming through again to go to the Morice or Upper Bulkley???

Morice River: Same story here. With the high temperatures the snow is melting rapidly at higher elevations… The river is high and dirty… Morice Lake is also very full. Springs should be in the Morice for sure.

Kispiox River: The Kispiox came up over one meter yesterday. It is coming down and greening up…. Again, Springs are in the system. We need the water to drop a bit now.

Lake Fishing: If you feel the urge to go fishing but your favorite river is still too high and too dirty consider going lake fishing…. We are truly lucky to have access to a multitude of lakes in the area. From really big lakes such as Babine Lake, Francois Lake… to smaller lakes such as Ross Lake, Irrigation Lake….Chapman Lake has been fishing really good as of late. Huge rainbows have been caught on Chapman… Rent a cabin and a boat on Chapman, enjoy the beautiful lake and scenery… For more info on Aspen Bay Cabins at Chapman Lake call 250-643-1385!

Prince Rupert: Good fishing for Salmon and Bottom Fish…plus good crabbing

If you would like to book a guided fishing trip with Noel, you can contact him at, www.noelgygler.ca .

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