Teaching kids to clean & cook their catch.

Posted on June 21st, 2016


After a recent fishing trip we made especially to spend time with our 8 yr. old grandson Benjamin Chester, besides him enjoying catching trout, he also learned about taking his catch home and preparing it for his family.


First thing was to teach him how to use his pocket knife in a safe, supervised way and clean the trout he caught.


After cleaning each fish we made sure they were bagged and kept on ice until we reached his house. Very important to also teach kids to keep caught and cleaned fish fresh.

IMG_20160612_175619_1 seasoning

Since the trout were freshly caught, we wanted to enjoy their excellent flavor and decided to just salt & pepper the whole trout and than cut them into chunks that would fit in the frying pan.

IMG_20160612_180734  fryingpan

We added some butter and started cooking the fish.


Next, our proud grandson proceeded to serve the fish for his whole family to enjoy.

IMG_20160612_184329 removingbones

Since the trout were not filleted boneless, I made sure that each of the children enjoyed boneless fish pieces. Very important to teach children how to properly remove the cooked fish from the bones so that children especially do not to have any negative experience with fish bones.



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