Tasty summer catches.

Posted on July 26th, 2018

Summer time in Canada is “cottage-time” in may of our provinces. Avid anglers and families take time to enjoy the great weather and enjoy the great fishing that’s available.


Ed Dolstra doesn’t need “cottage-time” since he live very close to the Kawartha Lakes, ON and enjoys the same type of fishing cottagers do. The Kawartha Lakes in particular offer excellent warm water fishing for panfish and gamefish.  Among these perch and largemouth bass as two of the easiest to catch on live bait or artificial lures which are readily accessible in shallow water off shorelines and especially around weedbeds.

If you are a casual angler all you need is a bobber, a split-shot, a hook and worm or minnow. Set it at the right depth just off the bottom and wait for a nibble. If you like to use artificial lures, you can catch both on smaller jigs/plastic grubs, small crankbaits, spinners. If you are going too keep fish for eating remember to keep the juveniles and let the trophies go.

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