Targeting Great Lakes Lake Trout.

Posted on September 19th, 2018

When you talk about fishing the Great Lakes you are talking about “big waters”. Whether you target salmon or trout, you can to have good electronics and cover as much water as you can to locate them.

Americo Aldo Laker

Recently we were out as a group fishing tough conditions and had no problem locating Lake Trout near the bottom and were able to run our set lines right over them.

axiom lakers

The Raymarine Axiom has amazing resolution that would enable us to mark each individual fish!

axiom lakers02

The “play-back” option helped us to review where we had marked fish that didn’t strike on the first pass so we could go back on our screen, see the fish marks, mark the way-point and troll over the same area.

italo laker

It’s one thing to just go fishing, it’s another to be equipped with a reliable and very accurate fish finder that shows you the fish and your boat position!

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