Take Advantage of Early Crappie Fishing.

Posted on April 4th, 2009

Crappie anglers should be out scouting their favorite spots right after the high-water subsides after the recent heavy downpour we experienced.  Crappie will move into shallow water as soon as it reaches the 40-42F.  Now is the best time to find trophy crappie fishing in the shallows as shallow as 2-4′!  Canals, river and stream mouths and shallow-bays will attract the first crappie which in many cases are real trophies in the 10-12″ range.  If the water is high, don’t overlook fishing much shallower since early season crappie will venture right into flooded cattails and even over flooded shorelines.  Here’s a couple of trophy crappie that have been caught early from McLaughlin Bay in Lake Ontario (near Darlington Provincial Park, Oshawa, ON).  Many people don’t realize that Lake Ontario offers excellent crappie fishing early in the year.  If conditions are cold, you may have to use small live minnows.  If the water warms up, you should be able to catch all of the crappie on 1/8 oz. jigs/1″ plastic grubs fished under a slip-bobber.

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