Sund’s Lodge, Malcolm Island, BC Day 2 bottom fishing action.

Posted on August 9th, 2014

After catching a nice mix of Coho, Pink and Chinook Salmon, and enjoying an amazing “Sund’s Bistro” (shorelunch on a secluded beach), that included freshly caught Dungeness crab, chowder and salmon tacos, we decided to target bottom fish.

italo_pacificcodBottom fishing requires stout rods, high capacity reels that can hold heavy line and a high-gear ratio so that it doesn’t take “forever”, to reel up your line from really deep water.  All of us decided to fish the Rapala RSC Speed Jigging rods equipped with the Benthos Speed Jigging reels and loaded with Sufix 832, 80 lb. test braid. I had wanted to target the Pacific Cod since they look beautiful and taste great.  Jim our guide took us to a nearby spot where we fished in 250-300′ of water and we started hooking-up fish right away.

barb_halibutBarb hooked a nice take-home halibut using a classic “spreader” with a 1 lb. sinker and pickled herring fished just off the bottom.

italo_halibutI decided to fish a 10 oz. Luhr Jensen Stinger vertical jigging spoon and also hooked up a “chicken-but” (nick-name for smaller halibut since their meat is nice and white like chicken breast).

italo_trophyhalibutMy biggest surprise of the trip happened when I was targeting Pacific Cod with the jigging spoon and all of a sudden hooked something that felt like a small car going the other way.  After a long fight it was evident it was a trophy halibut and it took two of us to finally land the fish which turned out to weigh over 60 lb!  That was definitely the high-light fish for our trip.  I was really impressed by the performance of the Rapala rod/reel/line outfit to handle bit fish.

If you would like to enjoy a world class, west coast fishing trip, make sure to check-out Sund’s Lodge !

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