Sund’s Lodge, BC saltwater salmon fishing action.

Posted on August 9th, 2014

guide_jim_settingrigsOn Day 2 of our Sund’s Lodge, BC TV shoot, we decided to start a little earlier around 5am to get to the grounds where we knew we could hook into some trophy Chinook salmon.

sonarThe guides at Sund’s Lodge rely on their fish finders for navigation and also for marking and finding key structure/tidal current breaks where a mix of Pacific Salmon like to feed.

boatsAs we approached our spot we could see we were not alone.  Word get’s out quick, especially with local anglers of where the salmon are feeding and the action is usually non-stop.

italo_cohoThe excellent mixed-salmon fishing started by  landing a few nice Coho salmon.  These fish average 5-12 lb., they hit hard, fight hard and taste excellent!  We decided to use the Rapala Classic Mooching rods & Rapala Classic Mooching Reels as well as the Rapala North Coast Mooching rods & Rapala North Coast Mooching reels all loaded with Sufix Seige monofilament line.

aaron_italochohoThe Coho’s are aggressive and hit the same flasher/rigs as do the Chinooks and sometimes they are so plentiful, it’s tough to get to a Chinook before a Coho hits!

italo_aaron_chinookAfter about a 1/2 hr of trolling we hat several hits from Chinook salmon that did not get hooked, than all of a sudden, one of the Rapala mooching rods started pumping and the drag stared going out…..we had our first Chinook on.  After an excellent fight that included several jumps, Aaron landed this trophy chinook.

italo_chinookShortly after Aaron landed his Chinook, I was fighting a nice fish which we landed after another lengthy battle.

jeff_33lb_tyeeIt was nice to see one of the guest (and our friend), Jeff landing the largest Chinook which turned out to be a “Tyee” weighing 33 lb.  Not only did Jeff catch the largest salmon of the trip, but he also did it on his birthday!!

If you would like to enjoy a wonderful BC Coastal fishing adventure, make sure to contact Sund’s Lodge, Malcolm Island, BC.

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