Summer weed-Largemouth Bass tips.

Posted on August 15th, 2020

Some anglers don’t like fishing heavy weeds, others look forward to it all season long! Largemouth Bass love to spend their time under and in heavy weeds. Sometimes to just chill, other times waiting to ambush unsuspecting prey that passes within range.

Mid-summer usually produces maximum aquatic weed growth that includes; cattails, bullrush, lily pads, arrowhead, milfoil and coontail. All these are largemouth “attractors”. Find patches of any of these in 1-7′ water and in short period of time you should find some Largemouth.

My go-to lures for fishing heavy weeds are plastic worms in the 7″ size rigged with a screw-lock worm weight and a 5/0 worm hook. The Fishing Complete Zipper line is one of my favorite with the ribbed body and curly, accent colored tail.

My second favorite lure is to fish a plastic frog hooked only on a 6/0 3X heavy worm hook. I find the extra heavy hook allows the frog to sink slowly in open pockets in heavy weeds which often produces the strike.

And lastly I’ll fish a Flippin’ Jig that is equipped with a nylon weed-guard and  a trailer. I’m old school and I still use the Uncle Josh pork-rind trailers. I love the action real pork rind produces and it lasts for ever even after multiple fish catches!

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