Summer Walleye on crankbaits.

Posted on September 1st, 2021

I love to cast crankbaits for Walleye on hot, bright, calm, summer days. Contrary to what many Walleye anglers believe, I have some of my best fishing between 10am-2pm.

The Rapala Tail Dancer in the Hot Chum (TD9HC) color is a consistent producing Walleye crankbait.

One of my favorite crankbaits to cast along weed edges is non-other that the Rapala Tail Dancer. Unfortunately Rapala is discontinuing this model, but I have stocked-up on them and continue to catch most of my Walleye fishing them in 5-10′ water in and around weeds.

Big Walleye cruising and feeding mid-day around weeds strike hard and give a great fight on medium-action gear.

Cruising, feeding Walleye smash crankbaits much like a Musky strikes often following the lure up to the boat and allowing me to see the strike.

To maximize my casting I use the Duckett Walleye series spinning and baitcasting outfits in the medium action loaded with Sufix 832, 20 lb test braid and a 20 lb. Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. I retrieve the Tail Dancer at a moderate speed making it produce a slow rolling action from side to side. I love the action of the Duckett rods since they have a strong back-bone but a soft tip to allow the Walleye to crab the lure producing a good hook set!


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