Summer-time Gar Pike Fishing.

Posted on June 29th, 2009

In many areas of the Great Lakes it’s common to spot Longnose Gar feeding near the surface all summer long.  Anglers fishing the shallows of Lake Ontario (especially the eastern basin – Bay of Quinte/St. Lawrence River), the Ottawa River System & St. Lawrence (Lake St. Pierre, Lake St. Francis, etc.), Lake Erie and Lake Huron (especially in Georgian Bay), can enjoy some exciting and challenging fishing trying to hook these bony-beaked fish.  Over the years I have tried many ways of catching them.  I have tied nylon-stranded flies, I have tried fishing a variety of artificial lures, but I found that even if I got the gar to strike at my lures, I could not hook them or hold them on (especially after they made a jump or two).  Recently I started using the Original Rapala in the #9 size and it seems to have just the right size treble hooks that are the right distance apart to actually hook the gar pike and hold them on.  I still loose fish, but I land most of them.  After 23-years of doing the Canadian Sportfishing TV show, I finally shot a show angling for gar pike.  That show will show viewers all of the tips on locating gar and catching them efficiently.

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