Summer shore-fishing for bass.

Posted on July 23rd, 2016

Many anglers like Matt Corey of Topset Sport Fishing , are taking advantage of warm summer temperatures and hot bass shore-fishing action.

IMG_0374_1468181926637_1468201584145 wadingbass

Most accessible public fishing areas have lot’s of angler competition and tough fishing from shore.

IMG_1727 shore_smallie

One of Matt’s strategies is  to fish tributaries that often get overlooked during the summer time, but  have excellent fishing for many warm-water fish including trophy bass.

While many tributaries get smaller during the summertime from a lack of steady rainfall, deeper pools and runs can be “honey-holes” to catch even trophy-size bass. Good lures to use are  smaller, shallower running crankbaits and body baits like the Rapala Ultralight series, smaller soft-plastic swim-baits either fished “Texas-rigged” or on a jighead like the Lunker City Fin-S-Fish, Shaker, Grubster or Swimfish, or live  bait. Some  scouting  may be necessary to find the right fish holding pools, but it may be worth it big-time!

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