Summer reservoir Pike.

Posted on September 10th, 2017

Our friend Gabor Horvat loves to take a few hours to hit the several “reservoirs” that we have in southern Ontario. These reservoirs have been created by dams that have flooded hundreds of acres of land to create beautiful small lakes that are easy to access and have a variety of warm water fish.


Pike are among the most plentiful. They may not grow to monster size, but when you only have a few hrs to fish and don’t have the luxury of travelling far from home, landing 3-5 lb pike is a lot of fun.


Gabor reports. It was a slow fishing, but we still caught & released 7 pike and lost a few smallmouth bass. The water temperature is still very high for reservoirs and the fish are still “lathargic” keeping to deeper water and waiting for cooler temperatures to move shallower to feed. The temperature was around 70F, and it looks like the smaller reservoir have not turned-over yet. As we get cooler nights and days the fishing should get hotter.

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