Summer Pumkin-fest.

Posted on July 2nd, 2020

Our good friends the Grdosic family had a chance to fish panfish our of Connor’s customized, multi-species fishing boat. Instead of targetting gamefish, they decided to go after some tasty panifsh!

Summer is a great time to capitalize on catching both Pumpkinseed and Bluegills. All you need is small jigs/plastic grubs or simply a hook and section of nightcrawler. The key is locating them off weeds and usually a mud bottom.

Good-size Pumkinseed offer nice fillets that should be coated in a light batter so that their flavor isn’t overpowered.

Whether they are fried in a deep fried or frying pan there should be plenty of oil so that the fillets cook from all sides, and the oil should be kept around 300-350F so there is very little oil absorption.

Pumpkinseed deep-fried fillets are perfect “bite-size” morsels to either enjoy on their own, or….

…on  as a deliceous “fish-wich” with a fresh bun and veggies!

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