Summer Great Lakes Lake Trout.

Posted on August 6th, 2020

I love getting out on Lake Ontario for mixed-fish action in deeper water. While many anglers concentrate on Salmon I love to get the odd Brown, Steelhead and especially big Lake Trout. Lakers have taken a beating from the Sea Lamprey but have really made a comeback from stocking and anglers releasing most of the Lake Ontario Lakers they catch.

I was recently out with Capt. Aldo Nava aboard his www.niagarafishingadventrues.com charter boat and we did just that, caught a really nice mix of Salmon & Trout.

Big Lakers are often marked as big hooks right on the bottom while Salmon, Browns and Steelhead are suspended in the water column. To target Lakers just make sure your downriggers are running the cannonballs right along the bottom. Some anglers will continue to run a wobbling spoon, others a flasher & fly and others a “gang-troll” with a floating crankbait running behind it. Sometimes Lakers will hit mid-depth running lures, but most of the time the best action is along the bottom!

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