Summer family fishing fun.

Posted on August 1st, 2018

I have the privilege of answering many fishing questions weekly that I hope help anglers catch more fish. I get the most satisfaction when anglers respond back to let me know I have helped them and that they successfully caught fish.

clear water

A good example is Adam De Vries who recently corresponded with me about the tips he has used and the fishing he is doing in very clear water conditions (as you can see in the above image), near Tobermory, ON.

adam de vries pike

Adam has been doing very well catching good size pike using the Rapala Husky Jerk in the perch color and the Vibrax spinner.

adam emma lilly de Vries

Adam loves to fish with his wife Ruth who is pictured in this posts feature image holding a nice bass, and his two daughters, Emma and Lilly (pictured above).

emma de vries smallmouth

What better way then to share fishing with your family. Adam’s next challenge, to order some Lunker City Fin-S Fish and Grubsters and catch the pike and bass when they are inactive and holding near the bottom in the weeds. Stay tuned, I think you will see some nice catches!

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