Summer carp fun.

Posted on August 29th, 2018

Featured image is of Sara Kubassek and her Nith River, ON carp.

Sometimes gamefish turn off, especially mid-day during the hot days of summer. But, there is one fish, Mr. Carp that seems to be most active at that time and a great “fall-back” fish for many anglers to target when the other species are being finicky.  Joe Kubassek sent us this image of his daughter Sara with a healthy river carp she caught just shore fishing and soaking-up the sun. Carp fishing really is simple. You can use any outfit to catch them from an ultralight spinning outfit, baitcasting outfit and even a center-pin outfit. Bait up with either sweet kernels of corn or use a prepared bait like Carp Zoom. Cast it out and let it sit on the bottom and before long you should have a pick-up. Make sure that you either have your rod secured, or your drag loose, when carp pick up a bait they usually turn and run with it!

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