Summer Brownies and Sunnies.

Posted on August 2nd, 2020

We had a great trip filming www.thecatchtvshow.com with Karl Kuster in the Kawarthas, ON a few days ago. Our target species for the episode were tasty Bluegill and Pumkinseed.

While many anglers don’t bother specifically targeting these smaller fish, the ones that do know how much fun they are to catch and how tasty they are to fry-up.

We targeted larger panfish in the 9-10′ range and found the larger fish deeper in the 20-25′ range. Karl senior who had fish the lake for decades and knows all of the panfish hot-spots was our guide and he delivered. We fished ultralight and light action rods with 6 lb. test and 4lb. test fluorocarbon leaders with slip-floats and also just fishing jigs right along the bottom. When we located the spots we anchored-up and fished the area thoroughly before moving on. I had my best success fishing the Fishing Compete Hellgrammite on a 1/32 oz. jig.

The Fishingn Compete Micro Worm in pumkinseed color also fish with a 1/32 oz. jighead also produced lot’s of chunky panfish.

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