Summer, best time to take kids fishing.

Posted on August 5th, 2016

We just had a wonderful weekend enjoying playing with our grandchildren and of course fishing. We ended up going on a small creek adventure equipped with a small-mesh net, a bucket, and shoes and cloths that did not mind getting wet.

IMG_4399 crayfish

An outdoor adventure is turned into something special when you combine creek exploration discovering what creatures live below the surface, and of course catching fish!

20160707_185216 elenora rockbass

Keep it simple! Fishing with kids does not require a long day, or lot’s of gear. It’s best to fish from shore and just use a hook, sinker, bobber and worm. Elenora Chester above shows-off the perfect size fish for a child to catch…a rockbass, while her pup Cookie looks on.

20160708_091608 ben rockbass

Benjamin Chester (the older brother), has had lot’s of experience fishing and this rock bass actually regurgitated a crayfish during the fight. Good lesson learned rock bass love to eat crayfish.

20160707_184112 isabella pumpkinseed

Isabella Chester may have caught the prettiest fish, a brightly colored Pumpkinseed (commonly referred by most people as a “sunfish”). It only takes a short time out of our busy schedules to make memories and add to a child’s passion for fishing!



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