Summer Bass Tactics.

Posted on August 10th, 2021

I’ve had a few questions asked about locating summer bass in inland lakes. I explain to people that whether they are Smallmouth or Largemouth, in many of our southern Ontario in-land lakes both species behave very similarly. In our warm-water lakes when water temps are warm (between 70-80F), and weed-growth peaks, both species of Bass will take advantage of a varied food source in the shallower water consisting of:


-small panfish/coarse fish




-small rodents/large insects

Michael Kumar holds up a chunky Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass he caught with his family in 5-7′ water.

Our good friend Michael Kumar made it a family outing on a nice summer day and enjoyed catching both species of Bass fishing shallow-water.

These will normally be located in water ranging in depth from 2-10′. Key feeding areas are rocky shorelines with sparse weeds, mud-bottom bays with aquatic vegetation, and open-water weedbeds/weedlines and especially rocky outcrops with weeds.

Isabella Kumar smiles with her “solo” Smallmouth she caught working a jig/plastic minnow imitation along weeds in 7′ water.

Early in the morning casting top-water lures can work extremely well and as the day progresses fishing twitch-baits, crankbaits and jigs/plastic grubs can work very well. The key is to cover all the areas around these key “feeding spots”. Some of the best summer Bass fishing can be in the middle of the day and in shallow water.

Make sure to check the fishing videos on our Italo Labignan YouTube channel and if you have any questions just email them to me at Ask Italo throughout our website.


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