Sufix Seige top line to use for steelheading.

Posted on March 22nd, 2015

If you love to float-drift tributaries for steelhead, you know the type monofilament line you use is very important. Float fishermen benefit from using a high-visibility line that allows you to watch the line as it drifts on the surface of the water, and especially when you hook a fish and the fish heads towards obstructions, especially on smaller tributaries.


Also, a floating monofilament line works much better than a sinking one since it is easier to “mend” on the surface creating less current-drag on your float rig and presentation. This is where the Sufix Seige line in yellow, chartreuse, orange and red lines shine. All of these should be used with at least a 24″ Sufix Fluorocarbon leader at the “business-end”.

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