Sufix Performance Leadcore lining for trophy Great Lakes salmon.

Posted on May 21st, 2014

sufix leadcoreSmall boat Great Lakes fishermen that don’t have downriggers can still catch trophy Salmon & trout all season long using the Sufix Performance Leadcore line on a Rapala trolling rod loaded with a Rapala Counter reel.

Leadcore line sinks fast and enables anglers to troll as deep as 70’+ and also get’s the lure away form the boat (long-line trolling), which means fish are not as spooked and are more likely to strike at a well presented lure.

We fish leadcore from spring, right through to the fall and it has always performed well.  If you troll Lake Ontario or Lake Erie for salmon, trout and walleye and you have not fished the Sufix Performance Leadcore I would really encourage you to try it.  It has amazing low-diameter, it sinks fast and really produces fish on days when diving devices and downrigger don’t produce as well!

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