Storm Plastic Frog for summertime Largemouth.

Posted on July 30th, 2015

Largemouth bass living around lily pads and other thicks weeds love to feed on frogs. Now is a great time to fish the Storm Weedless Frog on the surface and enjoy some of the most explosive strikes of the season.


The new frog is perfectly balanced to always swim belly-side down, it has life-like “living-rubber” legs and comes equipped with 2X strong double hooks to help you pull out the “big-one” from the heaviest weeds.


The frog swims naturally along the surface and over thick weeds, but when you let it pause, it hangs down below the surface making it an easy target for a pursuing largemouth!


This shot directly below the frog showing it’s silhouette with bright skies enables you to appreciate how life-like it looks!

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