Stewardship efforts receive financial boost

Posted on August 19th, 2009

August 17, 2009

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Stewardship efforts receive financial boost
Community Stream Steward Program makes a difference one stream at a time. The Community Stream Steward Program (C.S.S.P.) has secured funding from federal and provincial government agencies
as well as private sources, for numerous stream restoration projects within its catchment area. Hosted by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.), the C.S.S.P. educates and engages individuals and groups to act as stewards in restoring community streams, with associated benefits for healthy fish and wildlife populations.
 â€œLandowners are willing and committed stewards of our water resources. The Community Stream Steward Program (C.S.S.P.)
assists them in undertaking projects by providing training and financial support, which are key components to success,” says C.S.S.P. Coordinator, Erin Carroll. “We are grateful for these
grants that acknowledge the value of stewardship initiatives
such as planting shorelines, stabilizing banks, improving fish
habitat, installing livestock fencing and creating alternate
watering sources for livestock. Every project, large or small, contributes to a healthier ecosystem.”

Environment Canada’s Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund is contributing $96,000 to the second phase of C.S.S.P.’s Lake Simcoe clean-up
plan. Several shoreline restoration projects will be planned and implemented on lake tributaries.

The RBC Foundation is providing a $55,000 leadership grant to
the C.S.S.P. through its RBC Blue Water Project, a wide-ranging, multi-year program that helps foster a culture of water
stewardship globally.
The provincial Species at Risk (S.A.R.) Stewardship fund is
providing the C.S.S.P. with $40,000 to aid in protecting six
species at risk—Redside dace (Threatened), Channel darter (Threatened), Atlantic salmon (Extirpated), American eel (Endangered), Blanding’s turtle (Threatened) and Wood turtle (Endangered). With assistance from the C.S.S.P., landowners and volunteers will undertake stream restoration projects in the watersheds within Northumberland County, Peterborough
County, the City of Kawartha Lakes and Region of Durham.
The Ontario Wildlife Foundation (O.W.F.) is contributing over $9,000 to support C.S.S.P. initiatives. The O.W.F. is dedicated
to the conservation and enhancement of Ontario’s fish and wildlife habitat through research and restoration.
The C.S.S.P. is a multi-partner initiative that is focused on creating
a sense of community by assisting dedicated individuals and
groups in restoring local streams. To learn more, visit www.ofah.org/stream.
With over 100,000 members, subscribers and supporters, and
660 member clubs, the O.F.A.H. is the largest private, nonprofit
fish and wildlife conservation organization in Ontario, and the
voice of anglers and hunters. For more information, visit www.ofah.org.

Media Contacts:
Erin Carroll
CSSP Coordinator
705-748-6324 ext 222

Lezlie Goodwin
Communications Coordinator
705-748-6324 ext 270

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