Steelhead updae on Ice-jams on some of the Lake Ontario tributaries.

Posted on March 15th, 2011

I had a chance to check the conditions in the eastern Lake Ontario tributaries (east of Oshawa, ON), and I also did some pre-fishing for a TV show we are planning on filming tomorrow.  There are open-water stretches in most of the tributaries, but some of the lower stretches that are close to lake Ontario are still frozen and there is quite a bit of ice piled-up that has accumulated from the rising water caused by the recent rains and melting snow.

Water levels were still high and there was quite a bit of sediment suspended in the water.  I spotted several fish that made “boils” on the surface, or caused “waves” on the surface as they moved from under-ice areas to open sections of the tributaries.  We were able to hook some fish, mostly 1-3lb. with only a couple of fish in the 5-8lb. range.  Bright yellow trout-egg sacks worked well fished under a float.

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