Steelhead streamer flies.

Posted on November 10th, 2015

Over the next many weeks I will feature some of my most productive steelhead and migratory brown streamer or jig-fly patterns. Over the last 12-yrs I have gained more confidence and caught migratory steelhead and browns in the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie tributaries than on roe bags. For those of you that have fished with me, you know how they produce. I fish the flies with a fly rod and also with my drift rods. Here’s the first one.


This is my go-to bigger river fly. I do especially well with it in the Niagara River, but it has also produced many steelhead and browns in the smaller tributaries. You can see that it looks much like a jig (with the eye coming off the fly perpendicular so that the fly sits more horizontal when I am working it below a float), but don’t be fooled, it’s a fly. That’s a bead in the head that is anchored with a pin. The fly is a combination of purple marabou, crystal hair and living rubber.

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