Steelhead soft-beads, it’s all about the color and size.

Posted on December 4th, 2018

This fall I was pleasantly surprised that even though I tried fishing both salmon and trout roe bags, all of my fish were caught on single egg imitating beads. It was my first fall fishing the Cleardrift soft-beads and I was very impressed.

I discovered when I started fishing single egg imitations that size and color based on water conditions is extremely important. When I start fishing at daybreak, if the water is pretty clear I start off with a 8mm chartreuse, soft-bead.

While the light is still low I’ll also switch to a smaller 6mm or even 4mm soft-bead.

As the light gets brighter I switch to an 8mm natural colored soft-bead. After I catch a fish or two and there’s a lull in the action I switch to the same color but in a 10mm size. After a while I’ll start experimenting with different colors in the same size.

In murky, big water bigger single beads up to 20mm can work extremely well. The image above shows the comparison of sort–beads ranging in size from 4mm-20mm,  It pays off to have a good assortment of sizes and colors so you are ready for any light and water conditions.

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