Steelhead beads for clear water fish.

Posted on April 29th, 2016

Steelhead holding in clear-water pools and deeper runs can quickly get finicky and stop taking roe bags.

057A5011 steelhead_water_bead

I have found that in these conditions one of the most effective drift-presentations is to use a glass or acrylic steelehead bead anywhere from 6-10mm in diameter. You can connect these beads to your line using small elastic bands or rubber stoppers which you inset into the hole of the bead, but I prefer to simply run my fluorocarbon leader through the bead, making a loop, and running it through again making a loop 2-3 times. I find that the bead holds it’s location and if I need to move it up or down, all I do is release the tension with the “loops”, slide it into position and tighten it. I have never had an issue using this technique with Kypefish acrylic beads or Creek Candy glass beads!

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