Stalking underwater “Wolves”.

Posted on June 1st, 2018

If there’s one predatory fish in freshwater that can feed as silently as a wolf, it’s the northern pike. These fish are camouflage, they have excellent vision and long, muscular bodies to quickly lash out at their prey. Not to mention a tooth-studded mouth. One of the best times to catch these great predators is in the spring when there is limited weed-growth and pike are still in shallow water and feeding heavily after spawning.


Moe Assadian knows this well and just had a very successful trophy pike trip within 4 hrs. of Toronto, ON. Both the featured pike and the one above were landed on a 5″ minnow imitating lure in gold/black color.

VMC FL_fluorocarbon_leader

Pike have lot’s of teeth and often roll in the line and often having the line go over their very sharp gillrakers. VMC makes very slick fluorocarbon leaders in heavier weights up to 100 lb. which are ideal for trophy pike and musky anglers.

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