Staging Kings

Posted on September 7th, 2014

I was able to slip out for a few quick hours midday on Friday with friends from work, Dean and Joe. It would be a short trip, but we managed a couple of dark staging kings. With thunderstorms all around us after a short time on the water, we had to keep a close eye on weather. After a short time out, we hooked up with a fish on the starboard Cannon rigger down 28-feet with a flasher fly. Joe got on the rod, and after a short tussle, he had a nice dark king in his hands.

We tried shallow and out a bit deeper, but the bite was tough.  We switched up lures, flashers and flies until we got a bite on the port rigger on a Big Ern down 26-feet. This time Dean got on the rod and fought another dark staging king. Surprising how much spunk these dark fish still have this year. We tried longer leads, but it was a shorter 10-foot lead that got the bites at 2.7mph. We tried slow speeds to fast speeds, but 2.7mph seemed best. Before long, it was time to head in already so I could pick up my kids from school. It was nice to spend a few hours out with good friends and catch a couple kings.

The Cannon downriggers were the ticket to catching fish this day. Rapala RType downrigger rods with Hydros reels spooled up with 30lb Sufix Seige performed beautifully with the downriggers.

SeptKings01 SeptKings02 SeptKings03

This may be my last trip for kings this year. I will suit up the boat for bass, walleye and muskies now.

Good fishing!



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