Spring Trolling on Lake Ontario is Hot!

Posted on April 22nd, 2014

I had a friend Glen out on Monday for some spring trolling on Lake Ontario. We caught a lot of fish and had a blast! We couldn’t keep the lake trout off our lures, and we also got some great brown trout, coho and chinook salmon. A few double headers had us busy as well. We had an incredible day with a mix of sun and cloud, warm temps and calm water. I absolutely love it!

We launched at Port Dalhousie on the south shore and fished stained water from 20-feet to 40-feet in depth. We thought about going in tight for brown trout, but we were getting browns where we were fishing anyway, so we stayed a bit deeper hoping for kings. We only got 2 chinook in a double header, but the lake trout and browns kept us busy. The best water temps we found were 43F. The colder clearer water was not productive. The stained warmer water was full of fish from top to bottom.

LakeOSouth_01 LakeOSouth_02 LakeOSouth_03 LakeOSouth_04 LakeOSouth_05 LakeOSouth_06 LakeOSouth_07 LakeOSouth_08 LakeOSouth_09 LakeOSouth_10 LakeOSouth_11 LakeOSouth_12

Four-inch Shoehorn spoons did the most bites off divers, although we did get some fish off mono and stickbaits with inline Church planer baords. We let out approximately 120-feet with a deep diving lure such as a Reef Runner and Storm Thunderstick, then clipped on the board and let out another 250-feet. We got most of our fish off the Shoehorn spoons in yellow/green colours. The Hydros reels were used for divers with 80lb Sufix braid, and 20lb Sufix fluorocarbon leaders on an RType Dipsy rod.  The Delta reels we used were spooled with 20lb Sufix Siege on an RType planer board rod. Our best speeds were roughly 2.4mph.

Trolling on Lake Ontario is now on fire with fish being caught anywhere from 8 feet of water to 60 feet. If you find stained water with temps into the 40’s, you should find fish!

Good fishing!


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