Spring Sucker fry!

Posted on March 12th, 2016

After enjoying our ice walleye fishing with Scottie Martin, Claudio Chiappetta, Matthew Saieva, Marine Pinkus I just had to let everyone know that I did shoot a spring-sucker show a few years back with the Howick brothers. The reason I bring this up is that the first fish of our recent outing was indeed a chunky white sucker that Marina landed while jigging a spoon.


Spring means sucker runs and if you did not know, suckers that are caught from clean waters are excellent eating. Infact, there are places in the US that have annual sucker-festivals where communities go our, catch lot’s of suckers and have community fish fries! Sucker meet is delicate and sweet, but they do have multiple, think “Y-bones” that can make it challenging to prepare.  Here is a sucker-fry tip I did that shows you the best way to prepare them so that those tiny “Y-bones” become “crystalized” in the frying porcess. Just click on the image or on the link below.


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