Spring Raymarine Flats Walleye.

Posted on June 2nd, 2017

Many anglers fish large weed flats in the summer time for bass. Some Walleye anglers have discovered that early in the year, the same weed flats that are thick and provide cover for bass in the summer time are in fact sparse and ideal to catch cruising, feeding walleye.


This is the case in many of our southern Ontario lakes where water quality is clear due to zebra mussels and walleye use the large  weed areas to feed on their smaller cousins, perch. I locate these large weed flats by first looking at my hydrographic chart on my Raymarine Dragonfly Pro 7, and at the same time keeping my eye on the DownVision screen until I see the weeds coming up off the bottom for about 2-3′. One I locate a large area that has consistent depth and weeds I usually fish a shallow-running crankbait or twitch a Rapala Husky Jerk just over the weed tips.

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