Spring Rainbows.

Posted on May 19th, 2020

With these cool spring temperatures the waters in southern Ontario remain cold and with Covid-19 restrictions still in place not too many anglers are taking advantage of the Rainbow trout fishing available in “in-land” ponds and lakes.

Jeff Wood spent some time fishing with Peter Rempel to target some very colorful Rainbows.

They had luck just fishing worms under a float and also using small crankbaits. The Rapala Ultra Light Crank measures 1 1/2″ long and swims 4-8′ in depth which is ideal for fishing deeper pool in streams and casting and trolling along shorelines of trout lakes.

Cold air and water temps does affect trout as well as warm water fish and some of the best fishing for them can be later in the morning when water surface temps start to warm up.

The Vibrax spinner in sizes #1 & #2 are also very effective for covering the different depth levels at different retrieve speeds in streams and along shoreline in trout lakes. Can’t go wrong if you have a selection of both and some live crawlers!

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