Spring lower tributary Steelhead.

Posted on April 6th, 2022

Many anglers that love to river fish continue to fish the “all-year” open stretches along the eastern Lake Ontario shorelines. While many of the Steelhead have already swam past these sections and are near to their spawning grounds, or spawning, fresh fish continue to move in and out of the harbor mouths.

With clearer water conditions anglers will do well to continue to drift fish a fresh trout roe bag under a sensitive float. Most lower section so tributaries are wider then the upper stretches which means the current is dissipated and drift will be slower. Also, if there are strong winds in Lake Ontario this will create a “tide” effect where the current will flow into the lake for a while, then stop all together and then reverse direction.  Don’t be intimidated by these changes. The Steelhead adapt well and hit in all three conditions.

Make sure to use a more sensitive float with less split-shot sinkers and smaller spawn sacks ties in white or natural color netting for best results. If it’s going to be a clear, sunny day, make sure to start early as fresh fish will move in before light, and when the light gets to intense they may drop back down into the harbor and into the lake.


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