Spring King fling!

Posted on May 15th, 2021

Great Lakes fishermen can enjoy a Spring King fling annually when silver Chinook Salmon venture in-shore to feed on Alewife and Smelt that have just finished spawning.

Chinook salmon

Chinook Salmon that prowled the open Great Lakes during the winter months and used up most of their fat reserve from the previous fall move into warming shallow water to feed heavily on forage fish that are returning form spawning on shorelines and in fast water areas.

Chinook salmon

The most common fish they feed on in the spring are Alewife and Smelt.

Rapala J13

This is the time to troll in water 30-50′ deep with lures that swim in the mid-water column.

Rapala Dives to

Among these the, Trolls-To in the 10-20′ swimming range work extremely well.

Rapala J13Rapala Scatter Rap

The Rapala J13 and the Rapala Scatter Rap are amongst the most popular.

Using a 100-120′ lead these lures will swim in the 20-30′ depth range which is ideal to intercept cruising and feeding Chinook Salmon. Spring time is excellent for small boat anglers that don’t want to venture too far off-shore since much of the fishing is done within 1/2 km off-shore. Good trolling speed is 2.5-3mph and in most cases anglers can just flat-line troll and also if running multiple lines by using planer boards.

Spring Chinooks are vibrant and they fight hard often jumping many times out of the water and running yards of line out. Good locations for them in Lake Ontario is the western-basin from Grimsby to Niagara-on-the-lake, ON.

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