Spring “bling” turning colorful!!

Posted on May 20th, 2017

I love steelhead fishing. Whether it’s fishing for “chromers” when they are freshly-run in our tributaries, and when they turn dramatic, bright colors in their post-spawn phase and everywhere in-between.


Matt Cory of www.topsetsportfishing.com sent us these images of some beautiful recently caught steelhead. As you can see some of these fish have very deep colors.


It dosen’t matter if they are fresh-run, or post-spawn, steelhead take bait and lures well and fight just as hard. Even in mid-May, you can still find steelhead in a few color phases. I personally love the dark colors before they revert back to their silver open-water colors.

Even with the high water levels in southern Ontario, especially in the Niagara River, steelhead are still plentiful. The higher water is cold and full of oxygen. Let’s hope the steelheading will be good right up until the end of May!!


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