Spotted sea trout with popping-corks.

Posted on December 18th, 2015

Spotted sea trout are a plentiful fish that can be caught along Florida’s saltwater bays and inter-coastal system. They can be caught in channels and also in shallow water over grass flats as shallow as 1′ in depth.


Spotted sea trout are very aggressive feeders and if they hear another trout boiling on the surface to them it sounds like a ‘dinner-bell”. For this reason one of the best techniques to use when targeting them is a “popping-cork” and either live bait, or a jig/plastic grub. The cork is fished about 2-4’ up from the bait/lure and is pulled to make a “popping-sound” on the surface. That popping sounds like a trout feeding and other trout zero in on the commotion and the bait/lure and grab it.


Whenever I target keeper-size spotted sea trout this is my top technique that produces good size trout and limits on most days!

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