Spotted Sea Trout action in south-west Florida, USA.

Posted on November 8th, 2013

Spotted Sea Trout in south-west Florida are plentiful through the winter months, they feed in schools and are excellent eating.

Our good friend Mike Scarlett had a chance to do a few hours fishing with his nneighborLek who is Thai and loves eating fish. They went out yesterday afternoon and fished an area of Port Charlotte Harbor, Fl known by the locals as the West wall and flats. The name describes the long, several mile, straight shoreline with mangroves that from a distance looks like a long “wall”. He ended up catching 3 big reds and at dusk they found a trout hole where they ended up catching lot’s of 20 inch trout, a couple of jacks and a 3.5 ft Shovelhead Shark. Needless to say Lek couldn’t stop smiling thinking of how good the trout will taste!

Shovelhead sharks are often spotted feeding on the shallow flats cruising just out from the mangroves. They can be easily enticed to strike a jig/plastic grub, but not often landed when using a light Fluorocarbon leader.

Mike used Rapala Shift and Concept Ti rods equipped with Rapala Andros and Shift spinning reels and Sufix 832 braid along with a 30 lb. Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. His lure of choice, a 1/8 oz. Jighead & 3”-4” plastic grub tipped with a small piece of fresh shrimp. Mike & I have done really well also using a “popping-cork” (concave shaped Styrofoam float that can be “jerked” to make a large bubble on the surface to attract feeding trout), with a 3-4′ lead of Suffix Fluorocarboon leader, a 1/8 oz. Jighead and a 4” TriggerX Tube.

Nov. Is moving-month for many Canadian snowbirds that take a few month vacation in sunny Florida. November is an excellent time to catch Spotted Seatrout both from boats, kayaks, NuCanoes and by wading off shallow-shorelines until you reach a 3-5′ drop-off, especially in channels where tidal waters move form interior bays to the inter-coastal waters.


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