Spinning Summer Browns.

Posted on June 26th, 2017

With recent rains I was encouraged to write a short blog on “spinning’ for resident Brown Trout. Summertime is an excellent time to take advantage of short rains where low, clear streams quickly rise and get turbid from run-off. That’s when brown come our of their layers and feed out in the open.


That’s the best time to fish a light or ultralight spinning outfit with 4 lb. test and small artificials quickly and cover lot’s of water. Puneet Saini sent us these images of some recent browns he caught using small Rapalas and Vibrax spinners.


Feeding browns won’t hesitate to lung-out to grab a wobbling lure or flashing spinner that comes down the middle of a run or pool.


Hits are usually fast and vicious. I have found that the best presentation is to cast slightly upstream and work the artificial either with the current, or 90-degrees to the current, but always coming downstream (instead of reeling against the current). The key is to keep the lure close to the bottom without getting snagged-up.

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